None of my friends or family believed me in Dec 2013 that I will be a F & I Manager. Not even my own husband. I signed up with AFIE in January 2014 and since then my life has changed. I went from a part-time bookkeeper at a small used car lot to a full time F & I Manager in three short months. It wouldn’t have happened without the help of everyone at AFIE. Support is always a phone call away and everyone is always willing to help. Its amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me. I must thank Juanita, Anna, Bernie and Jodi. The guys are simply the best!

Sharon Yap / Financial Services Manager / Westminster Toyota


I am happy to recommend the services of AFIE. I took the AFIE F&I training and was placed as a ‘relief’ manager almost immediately. The course offers invaluable resources and support to help skyrocket your career as an F&I manager. AFIE has provided me with ample opportunities to succeed in the automotive industry including arranging the interview for my current position as F&I Manager at Park Shore BMW. AFIE is a continued support system and an instrumental part of my career.

Jody Edwards /Financial Services Manager/Park Shore BMW


I found AFIE’s program to be condensed, clear and concise. There was lots to learn in a short period of time but there was high energy, roll playing and follow up to make sure everyone was on track. To make the change into the automotive industry I needed a particular placement and although it took some time the wait was worth it. They were able to set me up with a busy and very reputable dealership that I can easily say will be my home for years to come.

Kim Davis / Financial Services Manager /Carter Auto Group


My experience with AFIE has been amazing! The support that I have received has been above and beyond. Every time I have ever needed help the team has been just a phone call away, and the amount of opportunities that they have created for me to break into this industry has been unreal, almost to much . Choosing to join AFIE was on of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Greg Charbonneau /Financial Services Manager / Regency Lexus, Regency Auto Group


First and foremost, I must say that I would not have a job right now if it were not for AFIE. No words can express my gratitude for all that you have done for me.  I am sure that whoever uses your services will not be disappointed. AFIE was a tremendous help to me when I was establishing a new career path. I wanted a company that was able to offer me more opportunities for success and AFIE has offered ways to improve my skills through the classes they offer.

Diana Nguyen / Financial Services Manager / Vancouver Honda


I wanted to thank Automotive Finance & Insurance Elite for the FANTASTIC opportunity that was career changing.. After trying out other schools and completing them with honours, it felt as I was waitin on the curb for something to come my way!!! I was promised 85% job placement but had to go door to door to get that… So instead I went With AFIE, I was able to complete the course and start my practiticum and had a fulltime position before I knew it!!
Thank you to the AFIE TEAM!!

Am Mann /Financial Services Manager / Dilawri Group of Companies


I want to thank AFIE for providing me with the knowledge and skills that I currently possess. Without your support, constant guidence and expertise in the automotive industry I would not be where I am. AFIE molded and created the person I am today providing me with the power tools, knowledge and the skills that I’ve gone and utilize above and beyond.The company place me at Burrard Acura for relief work, I am now the finance manager at Burrard Acura and withhold a window of opportunities in my hand to take me to the next level. Thank-you AFIE!!!

Cindy Nguyen / Financial Services Manager / Dilwari Group of Companies


Excellent course, which I’m pleased to have undertaken.  Useful information including theories and practical tips!! Trainers are all experienced and motivating!!  Highly recommended.
Thank you!

Janet Chow
Surrey Honda, Finance Manager


Dee Sjarif - Woman at the Wheel

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